Grandma messaged me, "I arrived like a newborn :)"

"I had a full cup of fried crickets today... They were so tasty!"

"Would be wonderful if you were here, Sunshine. Next time. Now the old crock needs rest. Tomorrow, I'll tell you everything :)"

Young or old, comfort is timeless

Senior travelers, welcome to your home away from home. Nestled in lovely gardens along Siem Reap River and away from the downtown hustle and bustle sits the Butterfly Pea boutique hotel. Here, you can travel at your own pace, absorb new experiences, and immerse yourself in a new culture while staying safe, comfortable, and connected to your family back home.

Did you know that by staying at the Butterfly Pea, you are directly impacting the lives of those living in floating villages?
the Butterfly Pea Foundation receives $5 for every night you stay!